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New items added this week

We have more wrestling figures added to our eBay store (here) More items to be added soon. If your looking for something in-particular please drop us a line.

We are now on Whatnot

You ask? “Whats Whatnot?” In a nutshell, it is a live marketplace to sell just about anything. Please click the image below or the link at the bottom. Our first live show is on 7/2/22 at 8:30p.m. eastern

How to Get Started Collecting Sports Cards

Sportscard collecting may be a fun (and possibly lucrative) pastime. Keep looking for desired cards in places like hobby shops, internet retailers, and trade fairs to start growing your collection. Use plastic sleeves to preserve your cards from dust, filth, and damage as you collect them, and keep them arranged in a multi-page card binder…

History of baseball cards

History of baseball cards Baseball and photography were both gaining popularity in the United States during the mid-nineteenth century. Consequently, baseball teams started posing for collective and individual photographs in the same way that other clubs and organizations did. Some of the pictures were printed on tiny cards, similar to those seen in modern wallets.…

How do you protect your sports cards?

Young collectors used to put their cards into the spokes of their bikes rather than into any kind of Toploader or protective sleeves in the early days of sportscard collecting. The idea of such abuse of sports cards, particularly older cards, makes many contemporary collectors shudder. As many collectors see their sports cards as investments,…